01267-board Certified Behavior Analyst - Hospital

Job Summary: The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for the Hospital serves as the primary therapist on the Treatment Team, coordinating all treatment services for each client on his/her caseload. The BCBA is responsible for collaborating with the Hospital Staff including, but not limited to, the Psychiatrist, Nurses, Mental Health Technicians, Clinicians, and Expressive/Recreational Therapists. # Job Duties / Essential Functions: Work as the clinical leader of the client#s treatment team in the Hospital setting. BCBA works on all units in the hospital. Ensure that a comprehensive behavioral assessment is complete and all intervention plans are proactive and individualized. Develop behavioral data gathering instrument that contribute to rapid, valid, and reliable client and staff techniques. Effectively monitor behavioral plan implementation regularly and communicate with all staff and professional involved to ensure the effectiveness of all intervention techniques. Provide trainings on Applied Behavior Analysis, Functional Behavioral Assessments, Autism, Behavior Interventions and other related topics for staff as needed. Assist in the management of aggressive clients as need, using approved de-escalation and behavior management techniques. Uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in order to design and implement effective treatment plans. Devises a data collection system, collects and guides others in collecting the data, analyzes the data that has been collected and uses that information to modify the individuals# treatment. Implements interventions directly with individuals and models appropriate delivery to other staff and appropriate caregivers. Develops curriculum materials including schedules, activities, visual aids, etc., to provide to the Hospital staff. Participate in the Behavior Management committee. Provides collaborative feedback to Hospital staff (i.e. MHTs # Clinicians) that help guide treatment. Completes Functional Behavior Assessments at the initiation of services with individuals and when unusual patterns of behavior develop in order to determine the function of the individuals# behavior. Utilize outcome measures to assess clients# baseline levels and progress. All other duties as assigned by the Director of Social Services. Qualifications (Education, Training and Experiences) 1. Masters or Doctoral Degree in Human Services, Social Work, Psychology, Sciences. 2. Prior experience working in a hospital setting us strongly preferred. 3. CPR/First Aide certification. 4. Ukeru Trained. 5. SCM Certification. 6. Valid Drivers# License required. 7. Must be at least 21 years of age.

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